2020 Masked Mile

The Dahlia Heights PTA Masked Mile is a fun and fit activity for all of our students.
We want of our Doves to commit to exercising for 20 minutes a day the week of Nov 16-Nov 20.
Masked Mile encourages everyone to lace up, get moving, and head out for socially distanced walking, skating, running, swimming, dancing,
shooting hoops, hula hooping, hop scotch jumping
– or other any other exercise!


Masked Mile Badges

Any student who walks, runs, scoots, dances, or rides 1 mile, or further will earn the DOVE LOVE Masked Mile badge!

Find a hill to climb, or a set of stairs – log your walk, and unlock the Summit Badge!

Doves who exercises at least 20-mintues for 5 consecutive days earn the Dedicated Dove Streak Badge!

To encourage and challenge our kids even more – we’re issuing special challenge badges. There are three badges walkers can achieve.

Any walker, runner, or rider who completes a walk of 1-mile or longer will get a 2020 Dove Love Masked Mile badge.
The Summit Badge is for climbing a hill, or set of stairs. Get your quads pumping and take to the incline!
The Dedicated Dove badge is for exercising at least 20-minutes, for 5 consecutive days. So if you Dove goes 5-for-5 they’ll earn the Dedicated Dove badge.

Masked Mile Theme Days

Wear a Vintage Dahlia T-shirt

Masked Mile Rules

  • Wear a mask.
  • Maintain social distancing. Even if you see other Doves – wave – but please maintain social distance.
  • Pledges are a flat dollar amount, not per walk.
  • Donations can be made online, and should be made no later than Friday, November 20, 2020.
  • Participants may NOT ask Dahlia Heights teachers or staff for pledges.
  • Dahlia PTA is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, and contributions may be tax-deductible.