Sponsor Banner Program

(banner placement along Colorado Blvd)

Dahlia Heights Elementary is an LAUSD public school. We rely on the support of our local businesses to raise essential funds that pay for school resources and student enrichment programs. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please join us!


Banners are displayed on the Dahlia Heights Elementary School property fence in one of two areas: the highly trafficked Colorado Blvd. and the highly visible Floristan Ave.

(banner placement along Floristan Ave)

We are pleased to offer two levels of support for sponsors via our banner program.
All thank you banners are full color and 3’ tall. Your logo will be prominently displayed in the white area of the banner.



  • $1,500/1 year 
  • $2,700/2 years (10% off)
  • $3,825/3 years (15% off)


  • 3’ x 5’ Banner
  • Includes annual Social Media Callout



  • $3,000/1 year
  • $5,400/2 years (10% off)
  • $7,650/3 years (15% off)


  • 3’ x 10’ Banner 
  • Includes annual Social Media Callout
  • Includes Logos on T-Shirts for PTA Events
  • Logo placement on PTA website footer

Your selected logo must comply with LAUSD Sponsor Guidelines:

  • Signage, such as banners are allowed as long as they are not advertising, but rather are sponsor recognition and have a clear purpose and a sunset date.
  • Appropriate signage does NOT include advertising information and only serves to recognize and thank the sponsor.
  • Inappropriate signage includes, but is not limited to, a description of services or products, business contact information, and advertising language such as coupons, special offers, slogans, or calls to action.

Dahlia Heights Elementary PTA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; EIN# 95-6204167

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