Who is involved:

Steps to follow:

  1. BUDGET. Budget committee drafts the Budget and the Association votes to adopt the Budget (usually at the first Association meeting of the school year).
  2. AUTHORIZATION. Spender presents their Plans to the Board and the Board votes to authorize the Plans.
  3. RELEASE. Association votes to release the funds.
  4. FORMS and RECEIPTS. Spender submits receipts along with official PTA forms to the Treasurer, either before or after the event:
    1. BEFORE – use the Form to REQUEST AN ADVANCE: http://downloads.capta.org/toolkit/forms/RequestForAdvancePaymentAuthorization-Fillable.pdf
    2. AFTER – use the form to REQUEST REIMBURSEMENT: http://downloads.capta.org/toolkit/forms/PaymentAuthorizationRequestforReimbursement-12-18-FillableCalculating.pdf
    3. NOTE: After the event, Committee chair should also fill out the COMMITTEE REPORT FORM: http://downloads.capta.org/toolkit/forms/CommitteeReport.pdf
  5. APPROVAL. Board votes to approve the payment.
  6. CHECK ISSUED. The Treasurer writes the check. The check requires two signatures to be valid. The check is given/mailed to the Spender.
  7. RATIFICATION. Association votes to ratify checks which were already issued. (NOTE: “Ratified” is not the same as “Approval,” just FYI only at this point.)

Last updated 09/15/2020