2020 Masked Mile Log

Click below to access the official 2020 Dahlia Heights Elementary Masked Mile Log.

Dahlia Masked Mile log

Or get creative and create your own!

Masked Mile Badges

To encourage and challenge our kids even more – we’re issuing special challenge badges. There are three badges walkers can achieve.

Any walker, who completes a walk of 1-mile or longer will get a 2020 Dove Love Masked Mile badge.
The Summit Badge is for climbing a hill, or set of stairs. Get your quads pumping and take to the incline!
The Dedicated Dove badge is for walking 5 consecutive days. If your walker(s) goes 5-for-5 they’ll earn the Dedicated Dove badge.

Any student who walks 1 mile, or further will earn the DOVE LOVE Masked Mile badge!

Find a hill to climb, or a set of stairs – log your walk, and unlock the Summit Badge!

Doves who log a walk 5 consecutive days earn the Dedicated Dove Streak Badge!