Meet the PTA Board
& Committee Chairs

Marni Garland


Parent to: Lily (7th grade), Emilio (5th grade), Naomi (3rd grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Eagle Rock Plaza
Fun Fact: I can recite all the U.S. presidents in order.

Ruth Behr

Executive Vice President

Parent to: Joaquin (5th grade), Aurion (2nd grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Four Cafe or Little Beast
Fun Fact: My DNA can be traced back to the same maternal haplogroup as Benjamin Franklin's!

Bridget Byrnes Hirsch


Parent to: Delaney (3rd grade), Tate (5th grade), Callum (7th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Counterbalance
Fun Fact: I have appeared in two Court TV documentaries about my clients. In a related story, I am a terrible reenactment actor.

Lindsay Thompson

1st Vice President, Membership

Parent to: Lucas (4th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Trader Joe's frozen food aisle
Fun Fact: If she wins the lottery, she won't tell you, but she will suddenly adopt 30 cats.

Natasha Cureton

2nd Vice President Communications
(Instagram & Facebook)

Parent to: Mila (3rd grade), Miles (Kinder)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Pilates at One Down Dog
Fun Fact: I’m a Seahawks fan!

Meredith Schroeder

Co-Vice President Communications (webmaster)

Parent to: Liv (2nd) and Teddy (TK)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Vidiots is a new fave
Fun Fact: I’m a total sucker for reality TV after a long and busy day.

Cassandra Richardson


Bridgette Bates

Assistant Membership Chair

Parent to: Owen (5th grade), Jack (2nd grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Casa Bianca
Fun Fact: My kids think I'm allergic to dogs, but I'm not.

Janelle Randazza

Financial Secretary

Parent to: Henry (4th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Milkfarm
Fun Fact: Janelle was always a C student in math yet is killing it as Financial Secretary!

da Fonte


Parent to: Ripley (4th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Leanna Lin's Wonderland
Fun Fact: Christine won a TV in a charity poker tournament. As a non-competitive person, she spent months unpacking the victory with her therapist.

Wade Harpootlian


Parent to: Ripley (4th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Vidiots
Fun Fact: Pinball champion

Sammy Brewster

Fundraising Chair

Jenna Van Wagner

Fundraising Co-Chair

Beth Penn

Annual Fund

Parent to: Luna (1st grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Trader Joe's
Fun Fact: I cannot live without kettle BBQ potato chips.

Hilary Guy

Hospitality Chair

Parent to: Poppy (2nd grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Ding Tea
Fun Fact: I love tackling culinary challenges

Shelly Frasier


Parent to: Felix (5th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Vidiots is my favorite Eagle Rock spot.
Fun Fact: I have narrated over 70 audiobooks. My favorite was Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach.

Jessica Wethington McLean

Outreach / Newsletter / Yearbook

Parent to: Kaya (7th grade), Clara (2nd grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: The Women's Twentieth Century Club
Fun Fact: I love playing cards and Scrabble 😊

Jillian Carter

Class Coordinator

Luciana Svidler


Matt Braaten


Parent to: Lily (4th grade)
Fave Eagle Rock Spot: Oinkster
Fun Fact: I speak Japanese.

Lindsey Meyer Clough

Arts Co-Chair

Rachel Shapiro

Arts Co-Chair

Kate Davis Caldwell

Arts Co-Chair


New PTA Member

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